Application of Copper Tape to Neoprene Sheets

Application of Copper Tape to Neoprene Sheets

The determining factor that will ensure that the touch matrix will work when each of the three separate neoprene layers are put together is the accuracy with which we apply the copper tapes to the outer layers of neoprene. Furthermore, the copper tapes have also been soldered with wires that have been measured to a certain length in order to reach the Arduinos that will be stored on the extra neoprene that will be left over on one side of the 1 meter x 1 meter matrix. Thus, the copper tapes have to be applied to the neoprene in a certain order to ensure that the lengths of the wires match up with the distance they will be from the Arduinos.

The process of applying the copper tape involved the use of very careful measurements with the aid of the laser cut wooden stencil.

By first layering all three neoprene sheets on top of one another, the corners of the matrix were marked.

Then, using the stencil and a straight edge, the outlines of each individual copper tape strip was sharpied onto each of the two outer neoprene layers.

Once outlined, the copper tape strips were cut to length and then applied to the neoprene. The technique used to apply the copper tapes was similar to that of how a screen protector is applied — peeling the tape away revealing the adhesive side of the copper tape bits at a time as it is applied to the neoprene.

Upon completion of the application process, the final step of the process was to use the middle layer of neoprene (the one that will eventually have 900 1 inch x 1 inch square cutouts in it) to ensure that the copper tapes lined up with little to no offset error.